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13.A Packaging materials

13.A Packaging materials
Here you will find answers to the following questions:

What are the general requirements that apply to packaging materials and their specifications in a pharmaceutical environment?

What are the most important primary packaging materials?

What are the possible effects of interactions between primary packaging materials and the product?

What is the function of secondary packaging materials?

What labelling requirements apply?

What are the advantages of standardised packaging materials?

How can packaging materials contribute to the safety of medicinal products?

What are the advantages of standardised packaging?

What factors have to be considered when drawing up packaging specifications?

How is the packaging material test process coordinated?

What must be observed when storing and identifying the status of packaging material?

What has to be considered when handling print data?

What criteria should be applied when selecting and qualifying external repro houses?

What requirements must be taken into account when designing packaging materials?

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