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6.B Activities for the preparation of a qualification
6.B.1 The sequence of a qualification
6.B.2 Procurement procedures
6.B.2.1 Project start-up
6.B.2.2 Project development (planning)
6.B.2.3 Compilation of requirements
6.B.2.4 Bidding Phase
6.B.2.5 Detail planning
6.B.2.6 Design qualification
6.B.2.7 Technical acceptance testing (FAT, SAT) and qualification
6.B.2.8 Handover
6.B.3 Responsibilities
6.B.3.1 Overall responsibility
6.B.3.2 Project management
6.B.3.3 Responsibility of experts
6.B.4 Qualification team
6.B.5 Risk analysis
6.B.5.1 Significance of risk analysis for a qualification
6.B.5.2 Risk analysis in the equipment life cycle
6.B.5.3 Structure of a risk analysis
6.B.5.4 Evaluation of risks
6.B.5.5 Execution of a risk analysis
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